John Enghauser

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"He comes with a smooth-as-silk voice, very much in the tradition of a
Michael Buble or John Meyer."
- Music News Nashville

"...a talented musician that has recently begun receiving the acclaim he
justly deserves."
- What's Up Magazine

"There's something cool happening in the local singer/songwriter scene.
Catchy tunes are the order of the day. There's a fusion of influence coming
from soul and prog rock. Enghauser is just doing what he does....forging
ahead with his own voice."
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Enghauser's latest efforts have made a major impact indeed. 'Lost in the
Pages' is an arrangement of tunes that are truly pop rock royalty."
- All Access Magazine

“’Lost in the Pages’ by seasoned songwriter and producer John Enghauser is a brilliantly crafted pop/rock album filled with radio-ready hits. John's diversified musical compositions keeps listeners engaged, while his skillfully penned lyrics infuse his audience with fervent emotions. The title-track proves to be an auspicious beginning for this album, highlighting John's niche for creating groovy musical hooks that are hard to forget. ‘Still Waters’ and ‘Breathe Again’ reveal a softer side of the record, led by the beautiful sounds of the acoustic guitar, and backed by stellar, heartfelt vocal performances.

Moreover, the vintage southern-rock tune, ‘Kitchen,’ goes on to highlight the diversity displayed on this album, as well as John's remarkable ability to deliver vocal performances fitting for numerous genres. Polished with superb production, fans of passionate pop and acoustic rock with an occasional vintage undertone will enjoy this CD.”


“Velvety smooth vocals over melodic groove rock. Acoustic guitar meets electric in this "hooky" solo effort from multi-instrumentalist, John Enghauser, former frontman for Jeng. Recommended if you like Lenny Kravitz, The Black Crowes, John Mayer.”

- CD Baby

"Merge the vocal complexities of Stevie Wonder with the magnanimous presence
of Chris Robinson and somewhere in between you'll find John."

- The Boston Globe